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IDAAY Entrepreneurship Fundraiser

IDAAY is an institute for the development of African American youth. A leader in Urban Youth Development, serving youth and families FIRST! Since 1991, IDAAY have empowered over 27,000 youth to advance their education and improve their economic opportunities. Through hard work and commitment and a comprehensive mission to empower at-risk youth, IDAAY has grown to operate many valuable programs which provide educational, parental, intervention and prevention services to youth and their families throughout Philadelphia. We (African Cultural Art Forum) supports IDAAY effort by hosting an entrepreneurship fundraiser. The fundraiser will teach youth to have a sustaining system to generate stable economics within the community. 

IDAAY Main College Bound Program

Main college bound program is projected to serve 100 youth ages 10-18 years old. Fundamentally, the program prepares youth to graduate from high school matriculate into the college of their choice and eventually graduate.

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IDAAY Young Fathers United

Young fathers united serves approximately 100 young fathers throughout the Philadelphia neighborhoods. Participants are offered workshops in family history, family trends, basic health and childcare.

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IDAAY On Student Time

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