Customers Review

Bianca Saddler, Philadelphia PA

I first heard about ACAF products from a friend, the way she talked about the products I had to try them for myself. Immediately, I fell in love with their all natural Shea butter, that is my favorite product. I also use the peppermint body wash & shampoo and the natural toothpaste. I love the fact that ACAF products are really all natural. I would recommend these products to anyone!


Erin Reynolds, Philadelphia PA

African Cultural Art Forum was referred to me by a good friend, who speaks highly of their products. I use the all natural peppermint body wash & shampoo, incense, and Shea butter. I love them because the products are all made with natural ingredients. The incense have my home smelling amazing. Yes I would recommend this brand to anyone.


Jocelyn Carroll-Dixon, Philadelphia PA

I became familiar with ACAF and their products through one of the owners and close friend several years ago. I currently use their raw Shea butter. I got into a bad car accident in 2013 and walked away with several scars, through daily usage of the Shea butter I was not only able to speed up the healing process but also fade the discoloration. I also use it to treat my chronic dry skin, especially in the dry winter months. I would recommend their products to anyone who appreciates the value of organic products. People are starting to pay attention to the things they put on and in their bodies, therefore all natural products are the way to go.


Brother Jomo, Philadelphia PA

I walked into the store one day and never left. I always purchase the all natural peppermint body wash & shampoo, incense, body oils, and soap. The products are great. I tell at least one person about ACAF everyday and the customer service there is great!


Casually Allure, New York

The ACAF products I use are the body oils "one love" and its amazing and refreshing scent. I'm also using the Shea butter on my hair and my body, the body wash & shampoo, the black soap and the incense!!! Yes, all these products are a piece of paradise to say the least. I love everything about the products. For starts all the products are natural, the incense are so pleasantly scented and wonderful in my home for any occasion. All the products bring me peace. ACAF is all I recommend!